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I am finally back..

2008-05-10 14:27:46 by urself

I haven't really been on here in forever. So now I am back and I am ready to view yer awesome flashes and play yer awesome games then rate them afterwards.

Get ready Newgrounds; Durea is back!!

I love my best friend!

2008-03-27 17:08:33 by urself

she rocks my face big time.
I LOVE her. <3

I love my best friend!


2007-12-17 00:47:58 by urself

My house. I love it even though it looks like shit. =/
If you rob me you will be sorry because there is a little fire crotch demon living with me. :P



2007-07-25 22:26:14 by urself

well, I am so bored. I love newgrounds because it gives me something to do everyday. :]